"LUCKY POLYUS" Ltd. is established in 1993 in Varna, Bulgaria. In March 2006 it is renamed to “COOL STAR” Ltd.
The company provides individual design, production and import of complete commercial equipment, delivery and on-site installation, warranty and service maintenance for the following market segments:
EQUIPMENT FOR SUPERMARKETS AND SPECIALIZED FOOD STORES: Refrigerated Display Cabinets, Shelving Systems, Check Outs, Accessories.
The company continuously develops the production of a great variety of commercial refrigerated and neutral equipment under the "COOL STAR" brand name for supermarkets, confectionaries, bars and restaurants, such as horizontal and vertical refrigerated display cases, hot counters, multideck cases, specialized fish counters, pastry and bakery counters, cold rooms and other non standard customized equipment.

The strong image of a leader in the production of commercial refrigerated equipment that we built is due to its high quality, excellent design and reliability. The "COOL STAR" refrigerated and hot displays are with polyurethane insulation injected with Cannon Afroz automatic foam dispenser and environmentally friendly refrigerants and materials; their technical characteristics are in full compliance with the European standards. The high accuracy of the produced details is guaranteed by the new technological equipment: Safan CNC hydraulic press break and Boschert CNC punching machine.
Apart from the refrigerated equipment, “COOL STAR” offers a range of metal and wooden shelves, storage shelves, check outs, shelving system accessories, baskets, trolleys and other commercial equipment.
INTERIOR AND TECHNOLOGY DESIGN AND EQUIPMENT FOR PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENTS: Modular Bar Lines, Receptions, Self- Service Lines, Fast Food Lines, Inox Professional Refrigerated, Neutral and Kitchen Equipment, Bar and Snack Appliances, Chairs, Tables, Coaches and Other Equipment and Furniture.

The bar lines manufactured by "COOL STAR" Ltd. are developed as a unified modular system to allow maximum flexibility for composition and decoration (with metal, MDF, solid or laminated wood). The bar system includes: metal structure, waterproof working tops and sinks from stainless steel, waste coffee bins, fruit organizers for cocktails, bottle cooler, ice bins, check out modules, glass and dish washing machines, ice machines, professional refrigerated cabinets with solid and glazed doors, refrigerated display cases, bar equipment (shakers, blenders, squeezers, multiple groups, etc.).
The company offers modular receptions, bars and self service lines for hotels and restaurants (such as self- service lines with built- in hot “bain marie” wells, cooling wells and refrigerated solid tops), as well as professional refrigerated equipment from stainless steel- cooling and freezing upright cabinets, cooling and freezing tables, pizza tables, salad bars, neutral Inox tables and sinks, stainless steel aspirators and other neutral and kitchen equipment from stainless steel.
"COOL STAR" Ltd. has developed also specialized modular equipment for fast food restaurants and coffee shops, such as fast food lines with built- in hot “bain marie” wells, cooling wells sand refrigerated solid tops, refrigerated displays, check outs, washing machines, ice machines, bar and snack appliances, professional refrigerated, neutral and kitchen equipment.
The company provides overall design and furnishing of petrol stations, specialized stores and other public establishments, icluding a range of metal and wooden shelves for petrol stations and stores, check outs, stands, etc.
Apart from the professional equipment, "COOL STAR" Ltd. offers furniture for hotels, restaurants, disco clubs, bars, etc., such as chairs (dining chairs, bar chairs, chairs made of metal, leather, wood, polypropylene, acryl), upholstered coaches, tables (solid wood, MDF and laminated table tops, metal table frames and bases), decorations and wall covers.

The professional experience gained with the realization of hundreds of establishments with various utilization and attempt to respond maximum to the customer's requirements turn "COOL STAR" Ltd. into a reliable business partner and overall project supplier.

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