Refrigerated service counterwith maximum display area and minimum overall dimensions for small food stores.This model can be multiplexed in runs with built- in or remote condensing units.

The counters are manufactured with: CFC- free polyurethane insulation, Inox decks, built-in lighting, 8-mm thick supporting glasses, 6-mm thick flat (F) or curved (C) front glass, sliding doors in the superior glazed part, automatic defrosting, environmentally safe refrigerants R134a, R404a and a range of accessories upon request.

CARINA Model 1010 1320 1630 1950 2570 3195 3820
Lenght without Sides
L, mm
937 1250 1562 1875 2x1250 2x1562 2x1875
Sides Width
d, mm
Display Area
0.48 0.63 0.79 0.95 1.26 1.58 1.90
Net Volume
234 313 391 469 625 781 938
Voltage 220V/I/50Hz
Compressor L'unite Hermetique; Aspera
Automatics Danfoss
Cooling Static
Operating Temperature oC +1/+8
Ambient Conditions Class 3 (+25oC - 60% H.R.